Disney To Celebrate National Platypus Day On March 2 2013


National Platypus Day will be on March 2nd 2013 and Disney is gearing up to celebrate. They will feature two new Phineas & Ferb episodes that feature Perry the Platypus. They also premiered O.W.C.A disco anthem(which was inspired by 1970s hit “Y.M.C.A”) on February 1st.

O.W.C.A(which stands for Organization Without a Cool Acronym) will be rolled out with two music videos. These videos will feature Disney stars doing a choreography number to create the letters. The song will premiere on Friday 8:00 am PT on Radio Disney while the music videos will debut 8:00/8:30 pm ET ON Disney Channel. On February 18, the same music video will air 8:00/9:00 pm ET on Disney XD. The videos will also be aired on National Platypus Day.

The O.W.C.A music video will feature a bunch of stars including Bridgit Mendler, Zendaya Coleman, Debby Ryan, Skai Jackson, Ross Lync, Adam Hicks, and many more.

Disney’s efforts to celebrate platypuses is a fun concept that should appeal to young kids. What do you think of Disney’s plans for National Platypus Day? Are you excited to see the new Phineas & Ferb episodes? Let us know your thoughts on this cool Perry the Platypus celebration!

Article source from DCH Scoop

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