Demi Lovato Joins The Price is Right’s Celebrity Week


Demi Lovato might no longer be a regular on a fiction series, but she is still making her rounds on TV. A good example of it would be Demi’s upcoming stint on The Price is Right‘s Celebrity Week. She will play all six games in hope to win money for her charity of choice, Free the Children. She will be joined by Nick Lachey and others, who will also be playing the game in attempts to win money for their own charities. For those of you wishing to only watch Demi’s part of the week, you can watch it on Feb 22, on CBS.

I am glad that she joined in for a great cause. I like how she is slowly starting to step outside of her safety zone, it seems like she is finally starting to feel more safe in her own environment. Sort of like what she had to say lately about how she might have been even too quick to make a comeback. She seems to be okay with where she is, so I think it is great to see her stepping into her own more and more. I certainly hope that she will come back on The X-Factor if she wishes too, buy only if that is what she wants. I sort of feel like that she will be happier back on stage and focusing on her own music, sort of like Britney Spears. So that might be what is best for her, but I do like how she is being open about the possibility of returning on the show and that she is already making waves for what she might do in the future as well.

How do you feel about this news? I am happy that Demi Lovato is slowly making leaps toward film roles again. I think she has to work her way up some more, but these seem like healthy steps that will help lead her into that direction in no time. As for music, we already know that she has been hard at working preparing for her next album. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer before she releases some type of news regarding it or even single at the rate she is currently working on it.

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