Debby Ryan A Body Double for Maia Mitchelle in Jessie


Maia Mitchell will be guest starring on the upcoming Feb 15th episode of Jessie, called “Jessie’s Big Break”. The 1 hour episode will be about Debby Ryan‘s character Jessie will land a stunt woman gig for Maia’s character, Shaylee. The two girls who look like each other become close friends, which ends badly when Shaylee’s boyfriend asks Jessie out instead! Yikes, poor Jessie is quickly put between her new, famous friend and her boyfriend? It is every teen’s worse nightmare and she is still in charge of her kids’, such Zuri and Emma try to sneak in a zebra. You can catch the photo stills and Entertainment Tonight set interviews with Debby and Maia down below.

Poor Debby, she always has the worse luck on the series. I suppose that is what helps to make it fun to watch, but lets be honest here if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be fun to watch. I am just glad that they always have a good ending with a lesson to be told. Debby does a good job and I am sure this episode will be very comical for the most part. Who doesn’t enjoy a good bit of slapstick humor loaded with some sassy comments? I know that I enjoy those elements from the series. It has helped to make it highly enjoyable paired with Debby’s amazing acting that really has carried this series all along.

How do you like this current season of Jessie? It is as good as the first one and Debby has made it just as great one. I love how they have kept it on the same path of humor with a solid message and great examples on how we all should try to behave. However, I will admit that I wonder how long Disney will keep it going since Debby is getting older and she has been on their network for a good while now. Hopefully I am just jumping to conclusions and that it will have the full four seasons, but I am not going to hold my breathe with how Disney has been acting as of late.

article & image source-Shine On Media

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