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The holidays are over and you have all those new shiny Apple electronic devices for you and the kids. So what is the problem? Those nice “expensive” shiny devices are going to be getting in the hands of your children and they need to be protected! If you have given your child one of these great devices and you do not want to see it break in the next few weeks, Cygnett has you covered, literally, in a sleek and stylish manner for all of your iPad, iTouch, iPhone devices. We were able to get a sample of the Cygnett devices to test out on our new devices that we got for the holidays.

We were able to test out the WorkMate, Bulldozer, and Haven cases for the iPhone 5 along with The Healer screen protector. For our iPad (Gen 4) we were able to test both the Lavish and Alumni with OpticClear protection for the screen.

The Bulldozer was a nice looking rubber case that should help with any drops. It is really easy to hold on to and that should help you from actually having to test out the fact that it would hold up well during the drops. I had this case on my phone during one of the drops and the iPhone came through without any breakage, so I would consider this a winner. It is not as sleek feeling as what I would consider my favorite case I have ever had on a phone, The WorkMate Case.

The WorkMate case just feels good when you hold it, like it was meant to be the protector of your iPhone while looking good doing it. How it can feel both sleek and also grippy at the same time is a wonder, but it does. The fact that the WorkMate has and inner shell to make sure your iPhone has that extra level of protection means that this Shock-absorbing case can be easily handed over to my 2-year-old when necessary.

As a parent when you are in the car, just out and about, or home trying to do a million things at once, it means that your child will get a hold of your iPhone. Whether this is by accident because you left it in a place you should not have or on purpose because you want to amuse and occupy a child, you will feel safe with the WorkMate protecting the iPhone. Some of the previous shock-absorbing cases we have used have been two different pieces and were a bit easier to take off meaning that we did not get that full level of protection. The WorkMate does not have such issues. I would also consider this a perfect type of case for those pre-teen and teenage kids that seem to misplace and drop their devices all the time. WorkMate will help protect your wallet in that regard as well, as you will not have to replace as many devices. Overall, wonderful case that I can see leaving on my phone for a very long time. Considering Cygnett provides great warranty and service I think that will not be a problem.

Should you want to get a little stylish, consider the Haven by Nathan Jurevicius case.

All that protecting of the actually device is great, but when it comes time to protect the screen, The Healer is a great advancement. So far I have noticed that it is much clearer than previous screen protectors that I have used, but it also has zero scratches on it. That is what The Healer is supposed to do, and so far it has made good on it.

When it comes to the iPad, the Lavish Case was a great folio case. It provides some pockets on the one side, a great leather texture, and a built-in flexi-view stand. I really can’t say enough how I loved the high quality material of the case and how the magnets held to keep the case closed, when you want the case closed. While I may not be a huge folio fan, this case has done a great job at providing some nice functionality with quality material and workmanship.

While the Alumni was another great case, I was just too much in love with the material of the Lavish to take it off to give the Alumni a turn. They have many of the same features.

The OpticClear is a nice looking clear screen protector for the iPad that keeps your glass from getting the brunt of any issues you might encounter. Again, it felt much better than previous screen protectors that I have used, and was much clearer as well. When you have an iPad you really do need a screen protector and OpticClear should be on the list to help protect your product.

You can read all about the products below and see some pictures of them before reading our conclusions:

CY0872CPBULB_Canyon_lowres - CygnettBulldozer is extra-protective and impact resistant, inspired by bulldozer tracks and made tough for extreme lifestyles. Provides easy-grip texture, constructed edges and access to all functions.

Cygnett Workmate Case - CygnettThe WorkMate shock-absorbing case series was inspired by activity and construction. The silicone inner is spark-etched and treated with oil paint to repel fingerprints and minor marks. It sits inside a heavy-duty polycarbonate shell to resist impacts and abrasions.

cyo981cpico_icon_nathan_jurevicius_hoots_hires - CygnettHaven by Nathan Jurevicius – ICON Art Series hard case Australian-born animator Nathan Jurevicius is the creator of the Scarygirl graphic novel and one-million player online game. Be enthralled by the hypnotic Scarygirl fantasy-scape Haven on the hard, slim case. Includes a screen protector.

Lavish_Black - CygnettOffering stylish all-over iPad protection, Lavish converts from a travel-friendly folio case to reveal three viewing angles. Opening or closing the case automatically activates the sleep/wake function. Concealed magnets keep the case securely closed when iPad is not in use.

Alumni_Cobalt - CygnettAlumni’s classic, durable canvas design protects your iPad from wear and tear, featuring a handy document pocket and sleep/wake functionality.

CY1018CSSEL_THE HEALER_iPhone5_hires - CygnettThe Healer, an advanced self-healing screen protector, features a dry application film that re-seals minor scratches in minutes. Made from a super-high clarity polyethylene substrate, enjoy long life protection, sharp and bright display and reduced dust and fingerprints

OpticcleariPad 3rd gen - CygnettScreen protection that shields your touchscreen against scratches and dust. The anti-scratch film protects your touchscreen sharp items while you enjoy clearer and cleaner iPad functions.

At Cygnett, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on making accessories that are enjoyed all over the world. As we’ve grown, we’ve always maintained our passion for designing and manufacturing high quality accessories. We believe in what we make and like to keep our customers happy, long after they’ve bought our stuff. With CYGNETT CARE you can depend on the quality of our products. Whatever the accessory, wherever you bought it, we’ll look after you.

We stand behind our cases and screen protectors with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Guarantee for the life of the device. And, we also include a CYGNETT CARE PACKAGE with all our cases, including the bonus screen protector kit with detailed installation instructions. For all other products we offer a two (2) year warranty. Just so the Earth doesn’t feel left out, our eco-friendly, recyclable packaging includes
a tray that biodegrades within 90 days.

When you have an expensive device you need to make sure it is protected and Cygnett does a great job with the Workmate Case paired with The Healer screen protector. It just feels perfect in your hand while knowing you iPhone 5 is safe. I would love to see a Workmate case for the iPad, I know the iPad Mini has it so why can’t the big boy! I think that would be my case of choice, now we would miss out on the magnetic sleep/wake closure on the folio cases, but I would suffer.

The Lavish was our favorite case for the iPad when functioning as a folio case and the quality was top-notch. Add Cygnett to my top list of companies that can protect your electronic devices from your kids and from yourself!

Note: Cygnett provided all of the samples for testing

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