Bridgit Mendler Says No More Good Luck Charlie After Season 4


Bridgit Mendler just confirmed that Good Luck Charlie is heading for it’s final season. This doesn’t come as too much of a shock due to her attempt into music and the usual Disney Channel season limits. Bridgit says that she and rest of the cast are working hard to make the most of it until they wrap up filming the 4th season this summer. However, she does stress that they do not have much hope for Disney to show them some mercy and give them a pass for a 5th season. The show has been airing in 2010 and has had a good run, but it appears the usual limits and Bridgit’s desires will make sure the series ends after the 4th season. Here is here full quote on confirming the final season.

This season is the last season of Good Luck Charlie as far as I understand, so we [the cast] are just going to make the most of it and work on it until the end of the summer.

It is sad, but I am sure she is excited to see what her future holds for herself. As for anyone being surprised, I don’t see how you can be. We all know that four seasons appear to be the max for Disney and they are making it to that at the very least. While I do agree that does not make it any less sad, how can we expect for these young stars to continue working with a children’s network well into their 20s? That doesn’t seem fair or right to them, especially when they itch for their own desires and are hindered by the network from making them come true.

How do you feel about this news? I knew it was coming, the show was near the end of the 4th and it seems like the network is purging all of their current hits. So it was only a matter of time before this happens. I just hope that they make this upcoming season one of their best. It will be a missed show and I do feel like it was as hyped as it should be. However, it did live in the shadow of the network’s bigger series and thus, it is amazing that it did make it to the usual seasons. That is something that Bridgit and her cast should feel extremely proud of during these next few months.

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  1. ashley

    February 3, 2013 at 1:07 am

    I dont agree with many things you wrote. First of all the kids can work into their 20s thats so raven did and it worked perfectly and so did even Stevens with the older siblings. And the kids should want to stay because their like a family and none of the will get as much fame,fun or money from anything else in the future. And Good luck charlie lives in no shows shadows because its a unique show being that it is a family show like that of the 90s. And it is the biggest show and best show on the Disney Channel so what other show could beat it. Their is no show that is better or smarter and its ratings are very high and its constantly rerun. All of the other Disney shows are poorly written and make kids out to be idiots and have all of their stars sing and dance.

    Good luck Charlie is a blast to the past and unfortunately if the news is true its really sad and stupid that it will be cancelled

  2. rosa

    February 11, 2013 at 12:10 am

    I sure miss good luck Charlie i love it also with my daugther i learn thay were alot of similiar things i wish they continue good lyck to all that cast

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