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Big Time Rush hardly ever show their real side in interviews, so when they opened up about girls recently, it was a treat. The boys who are working on their next album and season of their show, they share how they deal and react to girls on the set. Most agree that they don’t act different around the girls, but others beg to differ. The very personal and human kind of interview helps to remind fans that these guys are ready and willing for their own big break outside of Nickelodeon. Right now they have been keeping themselves busy with work and not working with too many girls. As for which one of the guys think they change and which do not, you can catch the fun interview down below this article.

I am not sure what to expect from them right now. They have been keeping themselves for the most part, so it is good to see them being more vocal again. I have actually missed these guys since they always seemed to be more of a group of friends than co-workers. I think that they truly lucked out with each other, as well as with their great sense of humor that helps crack the nerves during female guests come on their series. They know what it takes and they work it hard to make it work, that is the dedication we need to see more of. Maybe they can come up with a way to teach this to the other guys on their network, whom also seem to be awkward at times on their own projects.

How do you like the boys of Big Time Rush? They seem like great guys who know what they want out of life and their careers. That can only be said for a handful of their competitors. I am pretty sure we can all expect more amazing work from them in the future, even if they haven’t really expressed yet for what they plan to do when their network ends. How else are they going to be able to freeze up when it comes to girls? They need to starting thinking and planning, since I am sure their series’ days are numbered sadly. We all want to see more of their awkwardness among girls and we may only have a season or 2 possibly left for that. Do you think they can dig themselves out a new path or will they cease when their show does?

article source-Nickutopia

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