Big Bird & First Lady Michelle Obama Release New PSA


First Lady Michelle Obama has returned this year with 2 new PSAs for kids to eat healthy and exercise, with the help of Big Bird. Everyone’s favorite yellow bird from Sesame Street joins the first lady to plea with parents and kids alike to start new, healthy habits to keep them healthy and strong like they are supposed to be. In the PSA that we have available down below, you see Big Bird dancing behind the First Lady as to set an example of Let’s Move, which has been her pet project for 3 years now. You can view one of the new PSAs down below to see what the First Lady and Big Bird both have to say about the campaign.

I got to admit, it was smart to have a Sesame Street character in it to help promote this to younger fans. It seems like a clever way to help get their attention, which will then get their own parents attention which could actually lead to the change that she so badly wants to see happen. I will admit that I am curious as to what network this PSA will air on? I would assume PBS due to it featuring one of their stars, but I never really thought of PSAs being attached solely to one network. So can we expect this to air on all networks that will air it? It seems like a good chance, but I do wonder since I feel like I have never seen her PSAs before on air. So it does raise a few questions for me in my mind.

How do you like the First Lady’s mission and her help from Big Bird? It seems like a good choice, but I will say that you sadly cannot please everyone. Some have wished for Elmo to be in it, but he wasn’t and that is that. I personally cannot wait to hear how this PSA will affect her campaign, which she has shifted direction in it this year with a focus on more working out than diet changes. It isn’t clear why, but you can count on seeing perhaps a renewed effort on her end again. Now for the fun part, do you agree with her movement?

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