Austin Mahone Visits Clear Channel Event


Social media fan Austin Mahone returned to Instagram with another photo of himself, this time with Tom Poleman at a Clear Channel event. Austin pulled another Bieber like pose, but still kept to his own as he shared the red toned photo of the duo. He currently has been working on his album and took some time off to record his newest music video. This summer he will be on the road with one of his idols, Taylor Swift. He reportedly has big plans on trying to land a duet with her while they on tour together. As for what he had to say about the event and photo, here is what he wrote to go along with the photo.

Me and @TomPoleman #Swaggin @ Clear Channel event! Thanks for having me

Austin Mahone certainly does love his daily dose of photos. I don’t think any of his fans complain, but it does seem a bit much. At least he is living his dream and will even likely be featured in magazines with posters before long. It seems like that has to be every teen boy’s dream, right? Best of all, he can document it through is passion for social media. I am sure all of his fans will eat it up a he keeps on showing us what his daily life is like without vlogs (which is surprising when you consider he is YouTube star). I suppose he is just more of a fan of a few quick words and a photo to capture moments in his life than filming them.

How do you like all of Austin’s photos? They are fun, but nothing epic. I think it won’t be long before he lands a documentary deal since he seems to love sharing his life. I could easily see him asking for one, just as another way to follow Justin Bieber and to also show more of his life without being completely out there. He certainly is wise and I am pretty sure we can count on him calculating on his next move well ahead of the game. Just look at how well he calculated his attempt on YouTube and how well it worked? You cannot tell me that this guy doesn’t know what he is doing when you can easily see his goals are pretty clear at this point.

image source-Austin Mahone via Instagram

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