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Austin Mahone seems to have found a new passion outside of YouTube and Instagram, Mobli. He has started filming short video clips to share with his fans via the mini social network and they seem to go viral quickly. In his newest one he is shown playing at a keyboard where he is singing what appears to be a new song. Of course his fans flocked to it and have asked him for more info, but as always he stayed cryptic about the whole song and video. All he shared about it was with the super short tweet with the URL to the video. He currently has been working on his debut album, released a new single and is preparing for his upcoming tour, leading many to believe that he is dropping hints via this video. While we will have to wait that out, you can catch the video of his song down below to hear it.

I am glad that he is having fun and found a new way to share his creativity. The song was decent, but I do think that he can afford to be honest about what it was all about. Yes, if it is a single off his upcoming album he may not be able to tell yet. But if that was the case, then he shouldn’t be sharing it via Mobli. I like to think that he was just trying to give back to his fans or maybe attempt to write a song that he wanted his fans to experience. Clearly, I am not even sure what it was all about yet, but I am excited to see what his future videos could hold for both his fans and critics alike.

How do you like the video? Should he keep on releasing these videos or should he return to his previous social media obsessions? I am happy to see him experiencing a new way to connect better with fans, but I do think he still can use things such as Livestream for his own benefit even better. These videos are just like bonuses, but none of his fans can really interact with him. So I would think for someone who adores that kind of interaction, he would want a more live way to do such via streaming tools. Wouldn’t you love to have a live stream where you can actually interact with Austin? I would think most fans would jump at that chance, if/when given.

article source-Austin Mahone via Twitter

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