AnnaSophia Robb In Love Triangle? The Carrie Diaries Preview


CW is working hard to push The Carrie Diaries to play catch up and make it big. So they have released a new preview for the upcoming Feb 11th episode, “Dangerous Territory”. AnnaSophia Robb’s Carrie appears to be the new crush of a rich kid, who she goes on a date to get back to Sebastian. However, things don’t pan out the way that Carrie wishes and she must find her way in this bizarre tale of rich love triangle. You can catch the preview down below, along with a new series promo to help promote the new series. As for the official synopsis for “Dangerous Territory”, here it is.

Carrie reconnects with an old friend who invites her to his mom’s dinner party. Meanwhile, Mouse is anxious about reuniting with Seth, so she turns to Walt for advice; Maggie fights to keep her favorite spot at the diner; and Tom ponders dating again.

Poor Carrie, it seems like they never aim for anything really good to happen to her. It is certainly not fair for her, especially since she is the star. And no, I don’t think Larissa’s friendship with Carrie is good. We all have seen her true colors and it makes sense how unlucky her adult life became. With Larissa basically being her mother figure, it is easy to see her later years turned out as wild as they did. I sort of hope that she is either wises up or starts to see her for what she really is.

How do you feel about this series? I hear their ratings have been the highest so far for the season, so I suppose that is good news. I enjoy the show, but I still think that they could do somewhat better than they have as of late. Things like making Carrie become mature and learn from those around her. But I doubt that will happen especially since the ratings are starting to climb and do even better than they did last month.

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