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Shake It Up‘s Zendaya Coleman recently shared a video of her dance moves for fans to see on her own YouTube channel. She took the time out to film a video for her fans to learn some of her famous dance moves so they can become just as good as a dancer as she is. She hints that she has another dance video that could be in the works, but wants her first one to reach viral status, so she is asking for some help. Luckily we are helping her quest out by sharing the awesome video, which you will find down below. As for what she had to share with her fans.

I might have another dance video to share with my Zswaggers!! but I can’t show u till this one goes viral!!

It sounds like she has big plans and I cannot wait to see them all. I am sure many of her fans will love for a chance to learn her mad dance moves and I know for a fact that even I wish to learn. But it seems like she thinks she wants more for her latest before she puts it all online, which you cannot blame her since I am sure these dance videos are not easy to create at all. The filming and edition alone has to take so much alone, I can see why she is pushing for more for this video first.

How do you feel about this video? Does Zendaya need to share her dance gift with the rest of us? No, but I like that she does. It shows us that feels like she can help the rest of us and plus it allows her to dance while she waits for her show to allow her start dancing again. So I see it as a positive outlet for her, and that is always a good thing in the end.

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