Victoria Justice Announces Here’s 2 Us 2013 Tour


Victoria Justice is no longer tied to a crazy filming schedule, so she can now focus on music. So she decided to launch a summer 2013 tour called Here’s 2 Us. She made the announcement during her time on Ryan Seacrest and later on shared the official poster for her exciting tour. She kicks it off this June and she seems to be excited to return to music after a shorter tour that she did back last summer. Hopefully she will be able to focus more on music like she has been itching to. It might be a welcomed change for her, even though the rest of us will miss her on TV. Here is what she tweeted after making the announcement on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show.

If u didn’t hear this am when I told @RyanSeacrest, I’M GOING ON TOUR THIS SUMMER!! Can’t wait 2 c u on the road! #Heres2UsTour

I am so excited to see footage from her concert! I always felt like that she has a much better voice than some of her other former Nickelodeon stars when it comes to performing live. So it will be exciting to see how she does and what songs she will be performing. I am personally hoping for her to release an album sooner than later. I have been waiting for so long to hear what she has to bring to music outside of Nickelodeon and I feel like now is her chance to really shine. She no longer has to share the spotlight or do joint duets (which always did work out well, luckily) unless she wishes too. Maybe this will be the start of the career that she has always wanted.

How do you like this news? I am hoping that maybe I can go to one of her shows. She really is such a gifted singer with a mature voice, it is hard not to be a fan. I hope soon enough she reveals some of the songs that she is planning to perform. I am hoping for a few fun covers, as well as some of her own hits like “Beggin’ On Your Knees”. That is one heck of a good song that deserves to be performed live, even if she doesn’t have everyone else there to join her. She was the main voice and thus, she should be allowed to sing it if she wishes to remind fans of what great talent she has that made them fall for her from the start.

image source-Victoria Justice via Twitter

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