Vampire Diaries – Paul Wesley & Nina Dobrev in New After School Special Still


CW has chosen to take an odd route with promotional piece for The Vampire Diariesnewest, upcoming episode, “After School Special”. The network released a sole promotional still that features Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Candice Accola. No word on why, but we luckily do not have to wait much longer until it returns on January 17th. The episode will pick up where the mid-season finale ended and we get to see life for Elena and Damon trying to stay apart for her own sake. It will certainly be worthy to watch for any diehard fans of the series, including new converts such as myself.

Wow, I know a lot of fans have sort of made fun of their face expressions in the photo-but to be honest we have no idea what is going on behind it. So I am really excited to see what led up to this reaction that has so many people commenting on the stars’ faces. It seems like it must be a pretty big clue since CW has decided to release just the sole photo. Could it hold a key to a very important part of the season and it’s current direction? I am not sure what to think or speculate. I just hope that we get to see more twists and turns in the plot as this season wraps up, leading hopefully into a 5th one.

How do you like the photo? Have any clue on what it could mean? I don’t, but that is part of the beauty of it. It leaves us all wondering and guessing on what we can expect next. Ever since Klaus entered onto the show, it has progressed into a much more exciting series and it leaves a lot of excitement for action hungry fans. Plus it does help put some tension on Elena and her relationships with her friends, boyfriends and family members as well. All I can say is that Klaus better last and stay around for any future seasons that this series could have as well.

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