The Vampire Diaries Spin-off Given Green Light

Joseph Morgan Klaus The Vampire Diaries

After a few years of rumors for a The Vampire Diaries spin-off about the original vampire family! Daniel Gillies was cast as Elijah will star in the spin-off series called The Originals, which will follow the lives of Mikaelson family. Daniel will be joining Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin, who have already been confirmed for the series. It is supposed to be introduced around the season finale of The Vampire Diaries on April 25th, in which will fully confirm the spin-off at last. The series will also feature 2 new characters named Marcel and Camille, both who we are not too informed about just yet.

Wow, I am sad that Klaus will be leaving the series for his own. He really added some additional depth that the series lacked before they had him introduced. Yes, it will be nice to see him on his own, but I did love how he sort of made the whole series go upside down and shake things up a bit. Plus now that we know of this spin-off, I am going to assume that means we now know that Klaus will sort of be part of the seasonal finale in a sad way since he is jumping series. As for his sister Rebekah, by the sound of this news it might just confirmed by mistake of her staying around on the series after this season ends. I wonder if this was an under sight made by CW?

How do you feel about this news? Does it sort of ruin the season finale for you? For me, yes. It sort of lets us know what we can expect with the cast and I am not sure if I am ready for that just yet. I wanted to be surprised by watching it unfold and while this doesn’t share exact details, I don’t feel like they left the element of surprise in there. It is a shame since we all enjoy watching it flow like the writers intended for it to and this news prevented that in more than 1 way.

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