America loves their dogs but which canine breed received the most love last year in 2012? According to the American Kennel Club’s recent report on the Today Show, the Labrador Retriever earned the top spot for the twenty-second year in a row! This could be the last year for the Labrador Retriever’s reign as another popular breed, the Golden Retriever, is climbing up the list.

Other popular dogs that made the list include Rottweilers, boxers, poodles, and large dogs. These statistics were found through the breed registrations from last year.

Lisa Peterson(the spokesperson for AKC) shared the following message:

Bigger breeds are making their move.The popularity of the pint-sized, portable pooch just gave way to a litter of larger breeds in the top 10. These predictable, durable, steady breeds, like Labs and goldens, are great with kids and offer the whole family more dog to love.

Other notable changes on last year’s list include the beagle(which slipped a bit from Number 3 to Number 4) and Yorkshire Terriers(which slipped to Number 6).

All dogs make wonderful pets, even those that are rescued at a shelter rather than purchased from a breeder. If you’ve ever had a pure-bred pet, which breed is your favorite and why?

Article source from Animal Tracks-Today