The Carrie Diaries – AnnaSophia’s Dad Hates Sebastian? Read Before Use Preview


The Carrie Diaries has a new producer’s preview for the upcoming episode, “Read Before Use” and it sheds some light into the story. They into detail on how come Carrie’s father does not like her crush, Sebastian. It will certainly open your eyes a little more if you could not already tell that he was trouble or a party animal. Poor girl doesn’t seem to see just how bad he is for her and her own dreams. If you want to hear some of the juicy details, you can catch the preview down below. The actual episode is slated to air on January 28th and will be the third episode to air of this new series.

I am still in awe over how much I like it. I just wish that the ratings would be higher at this point. They did a lot of PR and promotion for it, so I would think that it wouldn’t be the lack of buzz for it. I just suppose that maybe people are not crazy over the idea of AnnaSophia Robb, a fairly unpopular actress play the lead role or maybe, I was right about the lack of audience? I know that I do find it to have humor to appeal for all sides, but unless the potential fan bases from both sides actually try to watch it. Then they can see finally what I mean by just how good the series is actually and how well the writers work hard to keep the appeal for both age groups. Hello, the whole Sebastian is a prime example of what I mean when they have appear for both teens and adults.

How do you feel about this show? It is a good one and I love how we get to see the more personal side of Carrie and her life. It really helps to explain whom she grew up to be and how she got her start as NYC’s top fashionista. However, to go a little bit more on topic, I want to know how many of you like Sebastian? I agree with her father, I don’t think he is all that of a good example for her. Yes, he may be good looking and charming-but that doesn’t mean he is a winner. No wonder she later on had relationship troubles!

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