Sony To Ban Used Games For PlayStation 4?


Sony could be hurting themselves according to some reports. With the release of Nintendo’s Wii U, many have been waiting for news on the next PlayStation & Xbox consoles. Now it appears that Sony is hard at work preparing for the next PlayStation (which will be their 4th) by requesting a patent on new technology that limits used games. Sony’s request has sent the stocks of GameStop tumbling since many gamers use it to trade in old games for new. However, if Sony sets a limit on used games, it could cause the world of video games to bleed out more money than they already are now. So far no console has ever tried to block a certain set of games or gamers until now, and it isn’t sitting pretty for Sony by the looks of it.

Ouch, I got to say that is an extremely dumb move on Sony’s end. We already know that they haven’t had the level of success that they want with the PlayStation 3, etc. But by selecting only new games to be played will only limit their growth among gamers. In fact, they are far more likely to see their fan base shrink over this issue and force former PlayStation fans to drop their support over their consoles. They have already seen many leave for mobile games on smartphones and tablets, so why shoot yourself in the foot when you are already down? Sony better get their act together if they really wish to see PlayStation 4 happen at this rate.

How do you feel about this news about them blocking used games? I find it extremely dumb on their half. Many gamers rely on used games and some even rent games, which are technically used because more than one person has used it. With the way the economy is, I doubt most are will to pay around $50 for a new game. I know that I am not crazy about the prices and that has slowed my own gaming down by far. However, I am always looking for used games to try out since the investment is low compared to a new copy. But if they actually block used games on their console, they are basically ending their own console before it ever sees the sunlight.

article source-Kotaku

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