Sneak Peek: Secret Life of an American Teenager’s Final Season


Fans of ABC Family’s The Secret Life of an American Teenager will cry together this spring. They just confirmed that the final season will kick off on March 18th, and it has been nicknamed as “Secret Life Together Forever”. The series appears to pose some deep final questions for everyone, including Ricky vs Ben.

Amy (played by Shailene Woodley)’s engagement clearly is in shambles when she chooses a dress that might reflect her own feelings about marrying Ricky, which is based upon a very shaky ground due to their forced feelings thanks to little John. However, those two won’t be the only ones who have their whole lives shaken up this season. You can catch the teaser down below to see what else is up for rest of the cast.

Wow, I am sad to know that this season will be their closing one. I fully enjoyed the show and I think that the story offered something for everyone, it didn’t have to be just for teens who are parents. The love triangles, lost loved ones and just basically life for young adults spoke volumes of what is real for so many. It has had a good run, but I do think that they could carry it on if they wished to do. It has been a very open plot and left a lot of room for growth, but I suppose that the fact that it did run for as long as it did is amazing. We have pretty much seen the whole cast grow up and move out of high school, so in some ways I guess their story has ended since the title is about lives of teens, which they are pretty much no longer seen as.

Have you enjoyed the series? I have and I actually need to finish catching up with it. It has been one of those better shows that has so much to offer, as well as staying entertaining for everyone. I know that I have enjoyed every episode that I ever watched. It just feels sad knowing that a group of characters that you laughed and cried with will be ending later on this year, it almost feels like saying goodbye to old friends. I suppose this could be a bad year for some of us who are major TV fans.

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