Selena Gomez WoWP Special Preview Released


Disney Channel is finally stepping up their game for the upcoming special with Selena Gomez, The Wizards Return: Alex Vs. Alex. With less than two months away from the debut of the sequel, they have released the first of what we can expect many of previews. In the movie she decides to cast out her naughty side and battles the evil Alex so that she no longer uses her magical powers for her pure benefit alone. Of course, little does she realize that evil Alex has plenty up her leather sleeve to do damage to the good side of Alex. You can catch the preview down below this post.

As for Selena Gomez, she is spending all of her time in the studio and recently shared a photo of herself there. She joked about herself looking like Penny Lane from Almost Famous. She has currently confirmed that she has been finishing up her album and has only about a month left of studio time to wrap their sessions for her next album. She even hinted at a possible song release in March, which would work well with The Wizards Return: Alex Vs Alex and Spring Breakers.

Wow, I am so excited to see what this year will bring for her. It seems like we can almost expect a far more grown up star and less of the former Disney kid that we all loved and know. I sort of feel like her expelling her evil side is kind of like her last break through from Disney. It is sort of like her ode to them and that chapter to her life. Exploring the darker side of what she can play in the future. I have to give her major credit here, I think she is closing out the child star friendly side of herself in a classy way with much proper closure unlike some of her former Disney stars have in the past.

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