Selena Gomez Teasing Justin Bieber?


Selena Gomez is enjoying her time in the studio and recently shared another photo of her dancing to a possible Rock Mafia song. She poses and shows off a much more mature yet flirty side in hopes of wooing Justin Bieber again? It is unclear, but she certainly is enjoying the much more mature side to her fans, which could be preparing the way for her next album. She has hinted a much more mature and sassy nature for it, unlike her previous tween friendly sounds. Here is what she had to say.

I can make the Stars Dance… @rock_mafia

Go Selena! She is showing off that she has come into her own and certainly does not need anyone to hold her hand. Plus, the cheeky ode to Justin via that hat, bravo to her for it! She knows how to own it and show off that she is no longer that tween star who fell in love with the pop music prince of today. Hopefully she is preparing for her big debut back in music. I think we all have become more and more excited to see what she will bring and to see this very pop starlet side of her that we never seen before. I don’t think any of us will be as prepared as we think for this new version of Selena. She is certainly taking a cue from her friends, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. You can tell that she realizes that she needs to make way for a wider range of fans and I think she is just teasing us of that future right now.

How do you like her latest photos? They are certainly statement pieces! I am sure Justin has to be regretting how he treated her now that he sees what he no longer has. I am also sure that has to give her some kind of glee. She seems like the kind who enjoys a little bit of squirming from her exes, but I don’t think she would ever go as far as Taylor. Granted, she could surprise us here, but she is likely loving the speculation that she is causing. I just wonder how she will react now that Justin isn’t staying quiet about their past relationship?

image source-Selena Gomez via Twitter

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