Selena Gomez Shows Off Fancy Manicure

selena opi maincure

Selena Gomez might be back on the market for love, but she is still is the same bubbly 20-year-old that we all know. Case in the point is her recent shameless self-promotion of her Nicole O.P.I. nail polish collection. She recently shared a photo of a super cute yet spring like manicure.

A mixture of yellow, silver and purple show the fun side of her and her love of color that we often see in her Dream Out Loud line. While the cute designs might take away from her own nail collection, but the girl is already on her ball game for promoting it. The line was first announced back in October and will be released in stores later on this month.

I think we all can agree that she knows how to be a business woman. I am hoping that her line will stay around for a while since she knows how to pick some great colors. I love how she chose spring and Easter like colors to ring in the new year. Hopefully she will find a great way to promote the line even more as she approaches the actual launch date. I know that I already cannot wait to buy some of them and start showing off my loud nails well before most others do. I think most of us are ready for that change and I am pretty sure we all are ready for the change of seasons, so if her line features many bright colors I can see it doing extremely well.

How do you like her nails? I love them! I think she chose a youthful, yet classy look with the bright colors and bows. They certainly beat the pointy nail trend that we saw raise to popularity last year. Tiny bows and bright colors are a much needed change, which will hopefully catch on this year. It seems like a fun look to wear and isn’t as scary as having some massive pointy nails which very few could work as a fashion statement.

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