Selena Gomez in WoWP Special Poster & Cry Me A River Performance


Selena Gomez is preparing for her new album and some big movies to come out this year, which means not much time for charity in some people’s minds. Well, she is proving us all wrong again by joining UNICEF for a concert in NYC. She sang a few covers such as Britney Spears’ “Baby, One More Time” and Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River“. The two songs certainly raised some eyebrows, especially Justin Timberlake’s song which was also covered before by her own ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Of course, those were not the only songs she sang, she included some of her own hits like “Who Says”, among a few other ones. You can view all of those songs in the video collection we have set up down below for you to get a taste of what you can expect from her new album. And as a bonus, we have added the official Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex Vs Alex special that is set to air in March.

Wow, Selena Gomez is one busy lady! But I am glad that she made time to do some good deeds and to support her cause. I think she has a big heart that really cares, hence why she and Bieber made a good couple. However, with that being said it sounds almost like she doesn’t feel that way. Could their breakup be the current teen generation’s Britney and Justin (Timberlake) breakup? It could be shaping up to be that way and that makes me so sad. I am still rooting for Selena and Biebs to work things out, even if it does take a few years from now. I would hate for those two to never rekindle their deep feelings for other ever again.

How do you like her performance? I think she did we as usual, but I don’t think you could expect any less from her. She has certainly grown as a performer and I think she feels more confident in her music, hence the better shows she has been doing now. So that is a good step, but then again if she is singing music that is close to her heart, then she is bound to thrive at that since it is coming from her heart. Do you think she is singing from somewhere deep within and how do you like poster for WoWP?

image source-Entertainment Weekly articles source-Teen InfoNet & Bop/Tiger Beat

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