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After much chatter about Selena Gomez’s return as Alex Russo, we are two months away from the premiere of the new special “Alex Vs Alex”. And that means Disney Channel will be going into overtime to push and promote the special that has been much chatted about. So that brings us to the recent still that they released of Selena as her character. It doesn’t give too much info away (except for a possible hint that this could be the bad Alex), but enough to build up that desire buzz that Disney needs for it to become a success. Sadly, they have yet to confirm the release date, but we can expect this new still to be the first of many promotional items released ahead of the new Wizards of Waverly Place special.

Yikes, that is one edgy looking Alex! I am sure Selena was happy for that kind of break, as for her playing a bad Alex Russo-I am not too surprised. She did sign on and star in the upcoming Spring Breakers, which is a far cry from her old Disney roles. I think she is ready for her big break, but likely felt like they owed their fans a better closing with a promise completed since this is sort of the sequel to the movie. So major kudos to her, but I will admit that I doubt after this one we will ever see her return as Alex again.

How do you like the photo? Should we see more of this side of Selena Gomez in the future? It is a nice one, but it does seem to be very different from what we are used to seeing. I would think that she would want to keep some younger fans, hence why she is doing this role for the last time. At least she has been trying, but I will admit that at age 20 I can see why she would be itching for a change in the terms of what kind of work she will do the future.

image & article source-Disney/DCH Scoop

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