Selena Gomez Dishes On Valentines Day Plans


A newly single Selena Gomez recently had an interview with Fuse at the UNICEF benefit concert, in which she dished on Valentines Day plans as well as the show and her next album. Of course, the real highlight was her classy answer about her relationship status now that she is no longer with Justin Bieber. She quickly switched the topic back to her album, which she hints at a possible March release for it. She also further goes into whom she shared the stage with, which includes a fellow Disney star, Bridgit Mendler (who also has a clip or 2 in the video). You can catch the interview down below.

Wow, she had a lot to say at the interview. She seemed to enjoy the lineup, which is great news since she really did have to share the stage with them. I also liked her comment on how acoustics sets allow you to connect with fans.

I think most of us agree with her on that since we all know that it allow the singers to interact with us fans more. So maybe this means we can expect a few nice, acoustic sets from her for whenever she releases her next album and does the tour? I think that would give her fan base such a thrill, including for me since I know that all of us are such suckers for soulful performances like acoustic ones.

How do you feel about her answer for Valentine’s Day? It was classy and clever, which proves that she knows how to deal with the media. I mean she knows not to give in and gave a honest answer since she did claim that she has a month left of recording. Thus, I assume that means Selena Gomez will be spending most of her time in the studio so that she can make the best album that she can, like she hinted at doing.

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