One Direction Debuts Kiss You Music Video


One Direction has finally released their full music video for “Kiss You” and like we expected, it is loosely retro! Like they originally hinted at, we see traits of Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock” in the video. Then they quickly switch to a more action packed side of themselves. Of course, we can assume that the girls will go crazy over their naughty jailbird boys to their action packed side. You can view example of their very unique video in full down below to see what I mean. They certainly had fun with it and you can tell that they want to shed that good boy band image pretty hard with their antics in this video! Hopefully it won’t do too much harm though, since they are loved for their good sides most of all!

I am happy that they have remained to be on the ball and showed a professional side of business. I think Justin seriously lacked that with his first single off Believe, so I am glad that One Direction has chosen another path. It makes them likable in my eyes, as well as a group of people that I would think as worthy of working with. Granted, I could be just a fan of people who have good worth ethic. After all, that is what helped to make them as successful as they are today and hopefully for years to come.

How do you like the music video? It is fun and nice, but certainly not something that I would have expected from them. I would think Big Time Rush would be more likely to do a video like that, but One Direction did it instead. I sort of get a feeling that they have a lot of surprises and twist that they have been holding back on. I think this could just be a scratch on the surface for their future videos and moves. I guess we will all just have to wait and see what they plan next move will be in the meantime.

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