Nina Dobrev Pulls Marriage Joke on Fans


Nina Dobrev might win the award for best New Year’s trick ever played! She tweeted that she was getting married, leading many of her adoring fans thinking she was finally engaged to Ian Somerhalder, her on-screen and real life love interest. However, she was secretly playing a prank on her fans! She later tweeted a photo of her self with a baby tiger, which she jokes about falling in love with. Clearly vacation time gave her some room in her mind to come up with this fun joke. No word on how Ian felt or if she gave fans enough time to issue a congratulations or not. You can read her nice collection of tweets on the subject down below.

I’m getting married!!!!!!!! He’s orange … And soft… And we’ll be together forever. Match made in heaven… IM IN HEAVEN

I find her joke 100% lovely. As a fan of animals and jokes, I can fully enjoy her funny take on her whole “I am not gonna get married in my 20s” talk. I think that was what really had people second guessing here and wonder, is she for real? The headline even grabbed me, so I think she played it well. I just hope that we can see a whole lot more of her funny side since I feel like she stays a little too stiff for our liking and is too much like her own character. I am pretty sure we all would love to see more of this fun side, the side that clearly stole Ian’s heart. If she makes jokes like this with her personal friends, I am sure she is a hit everywhere she goes and it would make sense why Ian fell hard for her.

How do you like her joke? I found it very funny and classy. I think with it she was able to achieve what she wanted and was able to prove herself as a funny person who isn’t always serious. Maybe she will now start landing more humorous roles and show us more of this other side of her at last. I think I could get used to her and her joking habits, just as long as they say as funny as this one was.

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