Nick Jonas: New Jonas Brothers Music Coming Soon

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The Jonas Brothers have been in the recording studio since last year, planning their comeback tour and it seems like the fans want real updates. So Nick Jonas was spotted outside, he was asked about when the new music will be released. The busy band member who was also texting, but he confirmed that it was coming soon. Since last year he and his brothers have appeared on Married To Jonas, as well as done a few one off shows overseas. It appears that the boys have been taking their time and won’t be rushing the process since they want the very best album they can make. You can watch the video down below to find out how the exchange went.

I feel bad for Nick since he was simply being a regular person walking down the road, but I can understand the need to know. At least he did address it and does seem like they should be truly releasing new music this year if it goes as planned. The boys have been hard at work, which isn’t easy since they each have their own lives now as well. It seems like when they do get together, it really does come down to making sure that they work as hard as they can, like little we saw from Kevin’s show.

How do you like Nick’s reaction? It wasn’t warm and fuzzy, but what can you expect when you are in the middle of doing something else? At least he answered and gave everyone what we wanted to hear. Let’s just hope that it won’t take too long since we all want be to able to buy their album and concert tickets to relive their prime days that so many adoring fans did years ago. It would be a great honor for those who have stood by them and most of all, I think they all need it more than the fans do at this point.

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