New Carrie Diaries Clips With AnnaSophia Robb


CW is preparing for the premiere of the series The Carrie Diaries, and that means releasing new teasers/clips for it. So that means we get a slew of new videos from the show for you enjoy and see what it is like before the January 15th premiere. You will see Carrie and her friends live their lives during the 1980s. The show will be the prequel to S** in the City, which was written by Candace Brunshall, who also wrote the prequel series this show is based upon. It stars AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie, which you likely are already aware about the show being about. You can catch the clips and teasers down below if you wish to see more of it before it finally premieres.

I have to admit, the series is growing on me slowly. While I will wait to see the full episode before I start really judging it, I do think it might have potential. I just wish that they put it on CBS, sort of like how they should have put Ringer on CBS. However, by the looks of the clips it might have teen appeal even though most likely do not care about the now out-dated original TV show. That could very well work out on CW and the casts benefit, but I will say that will put a lot of stress on the writers of the series that might not be worth it. I know it takes a lot to make a series work and this doesn’t have the hallmarks all lined up just yet for success.

How do you like these clips? Does the series hold promise or not? I say it is a mixed bag mostly, but hopefully it will turn out alright. I do think they have a solid cast with a darn good leading star. But in the end, does that really matter in term of viewership turnout? I don’t know, since they have fairly not so famous stars so far. It seems like the producers and directors were hoping to make them stars by choosing their selection. Sort of like how The Vampire Diaries turned their main cast into stars. The only other two things they have going for them are a familiar series name and what appears to be a decent script. Let us all that will be enough for it to last more than a couple episodes or for one season.

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