Miley Cyrus Asks For Votes for Maxim’s Hot 100


Miley Cyrus might be a happily engaged (or married as some rumors hint) woman, but the girl still likes to be called hot. So she of course thanked fans for their support in voting for her to be one of Maxim’s 2013 Hot 100, in which she clearly has a good lead for. So like anyone else in her shoes, she is asking fans to vote for her to help push her into the top 20 at the least. Luckily, most of her fans agree and have helped to promote for fans to vote for her once a day on the official Maxim website. Miley seems to be eager to rank fairly high, hence why she is asking for votes-a trait that we haven’t seen much from her previously. As for how she asked for more votes, here is the following tweet that she wrote.

My fans are the bomb diggity. keep votinggggg

She is correct,she does have an amazing fan base. I am sure that they will work overtime to make sure that she does succeed in this public opinion poll. Nobody wants to see her lose, especially herself now that she has worked so hard to lose that Disney connection. I sort of suspect that is the reason why she so badly wants to rank in well, it would further prove that she is no longer Hannah Montana, which she claimed to never have really been anyways. Thus, it is just another way to express her own freedom as well as to feel desired in the world outside of her adoring fiance, Liam Hemsworth.

How do you feel about her plea? It sort of feels out of character for Miley, but I suppose she is really trying hard to come across as an adult. I doubt she would want to be seen as “cute” when she can be considered “hot”. I personally would think that she would most of all want respect for her career, but I suppose right now she is still enjoying this high of being the independent person who has come a long way from being the cute teenager she used to be.

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