Men’s Health Calls Jennifer Lawrence Hotter than Kristen Stewart


Men’s Health has released their list of the 100 Hottest Women of 2013 and we see a few familiar faces on the list. It seems like many of our latest teen generation is now being courted by men’s websites and magazines in a semi-strange way. However, either way we crack it, the ladies are likely happy to be considered hot by men today. The list is on the longish side, so we will go straight to it for you to see who ranked in at what number.

98. Carly Rae Jepsen
93. Lady Gaga
89. Kristen Stewart
88. Emma Watson
78. Demi Lovato
68. Ashley Greene
34. Elizabeth Banks
24. Carrie Underwood
17. Blake Lively
15. Rihanna
12. Taylor Swift
4. Jennifer Lawrence
1. Katy Perry

Yes, very interesting list when you think about it. The lack of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez was surprising, but not nearly as surprising as the huge game between Kristen and Jennifer. It can certainly be said that Kristen’s lack of tough girl character likely hurt her in eyes the men, compared to Jennifer who ruled as Katniss. I think this list has to be a huge ego punch for Kristen, who even trailed behind Demi (the only former Disney star on the list) and Emma. Another one I found surprising was Carly pulling in behind Gaga! That astounded me, unlike Taylor’s & Ashley’s spots on the list.

How do you like the list? Are you surprised by anyone on or left off? I was surprised by who was left off, but then again I am not someone who is really used to how men rate women. I do think it does speak volumes to a degree though, about Kristen. I thought for sure she would pull in higher ranking, much like I was sure that Miley and Selena would be listed as well. Oh well, I suppose even they can have surprising list at times.

article source-Men’s Health

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