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Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney has been enjoying her many perks of being an Olympic gold winner, which meeting celebrities seems to be just one of the perks. She recently had the chance to met with part of the cast from Disney Channel’s Jessie. She sadly did not get a chance to meet the star, Debby Ryan-but she remained happy to meet Peyton List, Karan Brar, Skai Jackson and Cameron Boyce. Best of all, she was able to pose for a photo with the four, which she took to Instagram to share with all of her own adoring fans. Here is what she all had to say about the exciting meet & greet of sorts.

AWWW Met some of the cast from the show JESSIE!! Love these kids, they’re the cutest! Seeyuh around guys

Not bad at all, considering none of them made the now infamous face that she made. That had to be a nice break for her since it seems like that is all people talk about her. She seems like she is ready to kiss that goodbye and face the next chapter in her life, whatever that could be. So maybe this will be a good start for her to see that she is a lot more than just one face expression of regret doesn’t mean that should be the only reason she is remember. She did help her team win the gold, and to me that is much more important to remember her by than anything else. Now to get back on track here, I am curious as to why she met with the cast? Can we expect her to make an appearance on the show soon?

How do you like the photo? It was a nice and classy one. I wish that we could see much more of this since she could use this kind of support right now. It seems like after so many win one Olympics, they need to start figuring out the next chapter of their lives and I am sure she is do different. It has to be on her mind that she is a gold medalist and knows that at 17, her numbers of doing it without major damage could be numbered. So maybe she is hoping for an acting career, and if that is the case-than more power to her! We can already hardly wait to learn what her next project will be.

image source-McKayla Maroney via Instagram

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