Justin Bieber Set to Be on SNL in 2013


There is some exciting Justin Bieber news for you, the pop star may be back to hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live sometime in 2013.

Justin went on Twitter dropping hints about the news, “2013 got some big things coming…. gonna stay positive #BELIEVE.”2013 what’s coming? #SNL???”.  Of course Justin did not drop any more details on when he will be appearing on the hit show.  Rumors are swirling though that he will be hosting for the Valentine’s Day Special.  And industry gossip has it that the Biebster will be heavily involved in a special romance-themed edition of the TV institution on 16 February.  The Valentine’s broadcast of Saturday Night Live is set to fall on 16th February this year, which is just two weeks after Justin returns with his new acoustic album, which will feature two brand new tracks .

The ‘As Long As You Love Me’ singer tweeted fans this week to wish everyone a happy new year, after promising he has some “big things” planned for the next twelve months.  “2012 has been incredible, hope everyone is having a great new years,” Justin posted. “2013 got some big things coming… gonna stay positive. #BELIEVE.”  This will not be the first time Justin has been on SNL to host and perform.  What do you think of this?

Source News:  MMM

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