Jonas Brothers Hold Press Release Over Tour in Mexico

jonas brothers

Jonas Brothers were in Mexico City, where they were dishing on their upcoming tour there and Kevin Jonas’ hit series, Married To Jonas. All 3 of the brothers had a chance to share their thoughts on the reunion and on what they had done during the break from the band. The boys have confirmed that they have been working hard to make a full comeback since last year, but that none of them regret what they did during the break from the band. You can find out what they all had to say about their excitement for the tour and what their plans are for 2013 as a band returning back to the music scene down below.

I am glad that the boys are having fun with their return and are eager to do a full tour one day soon. I think right now that they do need to get their feet wet again and get used to working together on stage, especially after the tough times they had in the studio on Kevin’s show. I would think that it is a good step that they know what they have to do in order to be on top of their game. But I do feel like the real question here is if they will ever be able to go back to their glory days? It seems like each one of them has changed a lot since the break and I am not sure if they can handle being a band unit again after that taste of independence.

Are you excited for a year of Jonas Brothers? Yes, I cannot wait to see what they come up with and see where they go next as a band. I am rooting for them to make it through, even though I was never personally a fan of their band before. I would just like to see a batch of nice guys be able to make it again in this changed music industry since they last took a break. With the likes of Justin Bieber and One Direction, we need to see an older band make it and prove that they haven’t lost their golden touch despite of their time away.

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