Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Top off End of the Year Lists


Lionsgate hit jackpot gold with The Hunger Games in more than 1 way! As we close out 2012, the film keeps popping up on the best of 2012 lists, which comes as no surprise due to the success and hype for it. Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Liams Hemsworth all did an outstanding job and made a lasting impression for the year along with the fans. It seems like we will all have been holding on tightly until Catching Fire comes out November 2013. Luckily, we can enjoy watching the DVD and reading comments about the epic movie that caused a wide array of reactions among people of all ages. Lets take a close look at some of these reactions that the newest top three lists wrote about the movie.

Moviefone’s 50 Best Movies of 2012 says, The Hunger Games lived up to its hype and provided us an action packed movie laced with emotion. That seems to be accurate when you think about it, but it certainly provided a lot more for the mega fans as well. Yahoo’s Top 25 Movies of 2012 has it the most correct, by pointing out of Gary Ross’ classy take on the violence. He kept it fast moving and not allowing anything to be really seen, all you knew was that something was going on. Yes, a lot of fans hated that but I feel like he did it in a tasteful fashion that made it PG like it should be, Empire’s 2012 Spoilers of the Year called it creative by allowing both Katniss and Peeta to come through alive. Nothing too epic on their comments, but still a nice enough sentiment.

How do you like the three websites and what they had to say? I agree the most with Yahoo, even though I am sure that I will be burned by some of the fans for agreeing. What I feel like it comes down to is the age group the book and movie is marketed towards, which is teens and kids. The classy take on the violent behavior made it clear to the viewers without being disturbing. What more could parents ask for from the director? I personally wish he returned for the sequel, but he didn’t and we must trust that Francis Lawrence will make the sequel work as good as the first one did.

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