Jai Brooks Shares Romantic Pic of Ariana Grande & Himself


Ariana Grande is enjoying her relationship with Jai Brooks by making it official in the public. Now the cute couple have not left the public alone with their cuteness or fun videos together. Case in point is this photo that Jai has just shared, that shows the two on the beach together at twilight. Jai calls the sweet PDA induced photo one of his favorites so far in their young relationship, which has barely even been official for long. It seems like this could be just the start of a flooding of their relationship officially take over their social media feeds. So far Ariana has remained hushed on the photo, but here is what he had to say about the sweet photo.

Love this photo

He is clearly enjoying this new found fame and relationship with Arian! I am hoping that we get to see more cute, couple related items as time goes on, but I want it to be classy. I think PDA is okay to a degree, but sometimes we do get sick of seeing it thrown into our faces all of the time. Yes, this is the first real PDA thing we have seen from them as a couple, but I feel like they might be skating on thin ice at this point. With the way they took it public and started showing each other off, I do feel like they might be starting to take it a tad bit too far with all of these type of things coming out so quickly.

How do you like the photo? Is Jai a guy that Ariana should trust in your eyes? I am giving him the benefit of the doubt here and I am hoping for Ariana soon enough to have her new series to talk about. I just think that as a couple they should slow it down a little and perhaps enjoy their relationship a little more privately with the every now and then kind of social media comment being made. Sort of like how Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez chose to how to conduct their own relationship.

image source-Jai Brooks via Twitter article source-Nickutopia

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