Island Def Jam:Justin Bieber Is The Prince of Pop


Justin Bieber is no stranger to critical acclaim, gathering critics comparing him to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. However, many fans where surprised when Justin’s label RBMG/Island Def Jam Music Group called him the Prince of Pop in their press release about Believe Acoustic. The title has been thrown around for a while due to his success and fame, much like how many of the other so-called royal pop stars got their own. Some fans find it insulting to the memory of Michael due to the subtle hint that he will one day be a the new king. So far Justin and his label have yet to address the title that has been used before for by the media.

I don’t see the big deal, I don’t think anybody can fairly say that they are trying to replace Michael Jackson by calling Justin a prince. His fame has become huge and with all of the comparisons, it seems only fitting that he would be called the prince. He is no stranger to pop radio charts and I don’t see that fading for him anytime soon. It was just a play on words that seems logical in a lot of ways that could help build up the hype for his acoustic album. So no harm done and the respect for MJ will never fade away from the hearts of his adoring fans who still work hard to keep his memory alive.

How do you feel about his label’s new title for him? It seems accurate, even if it won’t be for much longer for him. Justin has pretty much owned the charts since he came onto the scene, so the title does fit him on that front. As for him replacing Michael, that won’t ever happen much like how no one has been able to replace Elvis. Justin is Justin, nothing more or less. We should respect that and allow him to have this title knowing that no harm was done and it was purely for PR reasons.

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