iPotty Turns Potty Training High Tech


For parents everywhere, potty training your children is stressful and not the easiest thing to do since most kids do fight it. However, that might all change with the new high tech potty training device called iPotty. Yes, the new potty features a stand with a screen guard that will allow kids to use the iPad (starting from the second generation up to the current) while they go. It was shown at the Consumers Electronic Show and has been much talked about as a positive reinforcement for kids to learn how to use the potty. You can see the demo video that the iPotty has released to show how the device/potty works.

I am not sure how to feel about this strange concept. I suppose some major Apple fans will be quick to buy it, but I am not sure if really little kids should even be using the iPad- let alone in a bathroom setting. I would think that giving them candy or a star would be a safer and less risky option. I mean lets be honest, a $500+ tablet doesn’t belong in the bathroom for anyone due to water and other issues, so to give a kid one during that time it much more of a big risk than needed. Plus I would think that kids could learn pretty quick to outsmart their parents on this one, just so they could play with the coveted tablet.

How do you like the idea? It seems like a risk no matter how safe you try to make it. I would think that most parents would want to keep those in dryer areas, which a bathroom is not one of those kind of rooms. However, I will give credit where it is deserved and say that it is an interesting idea. If they tweak on it, they might make it a real option for many parents who are struggling with the training process or will be soon.

article source-Toy Xplosion

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