Ian Somerhalder Turns on Jeremy – The Vampire Diaries Catch Me If You Can Review


The Vampire Diaries had a nice shake up last week that continued well into this past episode, “Catch Me If You Can“. Yes, we all know that Rebekah came back into the picture and now wants to find the cure for vampires. However, we didn’t know that she would agree to join Stefan in his attempt at beating Damon. It starts off with Damon, Jeremy and Matt deal with the vampires that Klaus set out to get Jeremy so he can finish his part of the map for the recovery spell. However, Klaus did it in a ruthless fashion that even had Damon mad at him for not following alone with his rules. This puts Matt in much more danger and Jeremy decides to disobey Klaus with the support of Damon. That is when Elena comes in and helps to protect Matt, while she still trusts Damon to do right by Jeremy even though Matt thinks that Elena is being dumb since she is sired. It may be true, but little does she know that Damon will be compelled to harm Jeremy and that he won’t be able to help himself from it without the help of Rebekah and Stefan.

Wow, I loved every minute of those scenes. I really thought for sure that Jeremy did kill Damon, but I suppose he has more compassion for whom his sister “loves”. Speaking of love, I have no idea why she confronted Stefan over him hanging with Rebekah. She cannot keep hoping for him to still pine over her, especially after what she did to him. I feel so bad for him and I can see why he would want to get revenge on her via Rebekah, even though I doubt he is doing that because he still loves Rebekah. It is more done in a revenge matter, if you ask me. As for him stepping up and doing right by his brother, that was certainly above and beyond his call. I can easily see why so many girls love him and his good guy persona. He does put Damon back in his place, even though I do feel like he has grown a lot this season alone. He clearly cares enough about the pain he inflicted on his brother, hence why he and Elena still have yet to make up much to her dismay. In fact, I sort of think that is why he wanted Jeremy to kill him. He thought it would be easier for both Stefan and Elena, even if he never admits it. Needless to say, I adored this episode as usual.

Now for the second story, poor Bonnie. Her father caught on to Professor Shane, forcing him to be questioned after allowing poor Bonnie to practice black magic. The poor girl was still shaken up over that, but she still wants to believe in the best. Of course, she sadly is reminded that her father was right and that Professor Shane is not who she thought he was. He tries to bribe her, but luckily her father steps in before she could do something that she regrets. However, she may soon quickly realize that her own father is not much better than Professor Shane since he refuses to allow her to fulfill her witch duties.

Not the most exciting part of the story, but it did help fill in the whole hour. I think when you have as of a big story as Klaus messing with things and hoping to break the vampire curse, you are sort of second fiddle. At least Bonnie is learning the truth though. I think that is important for her part of the story since I get the feeling that she will have a huge role in the season finale. She in fact might be the only one who can really help to crack the curse, which makes me think that we will be seeing her shed some of that drama and maybe, even use a bit of her dark side that she learned from Professor Shane in the meantime.

All in all, I adored this episode. It seems like with each passing episode, it is building up to a much bigger picture that will be explosive for the season finale. I am sure Damon and Stefan will have a huge part of that, but I am not sure where Elena fits in. I still stand by my comment that she shouldn’t date either of the brothers. Their relationship should come first and with the personal gains that Damon has made, she only makes him lose. This is why Stefan didn’t want her to visit him once he was locked up. She could certainly take a hike away from those two and help out her brother. I think that would be a good spot for her until the sire bond is broken. Don’t you agree that should be where she should be right now?

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