Harry Styles Flirts with Emma Watson


Harry Styles doesn’t seem to be all that sad over his breakup with Taylor Swift, in fact he seemed to move on already. The infamous flirt of One Direction has decided to flirt with Emma Watson from Harry Potter via Twitter. He reached out to her to tell her that he finally saw the whole Perks of Being A Wallflower after missing half of it during the London screening last fall. Emma was clearly playfully offended back then, happily responded to his tweet stirring up possibly budding relationship rumors. Granted, the tweets might come across flirty, but Emma is happily in another relationship as of right now. Harry on the other hand appears to be still single. As for their flirty tweets, here is how it went down.


@EmWatson I finally saw the second half! That film gets dark, but I liked it a lot,

Emma responded with-

@Harry_Styles yay!! So happy.

Well, who knew those 2 were friends? I had no idea, but it is nice to see that they have bonded. I am just concerned that Emma will now receive the same kind of hate that Taylor got due to her relationship with Harry. I can see that happening if people don’t realize that Emma is already in a relationship. It just appears that they are good friends, which is nothing wrong about at all. I mean Harry has the right to have gal pals and to be honest, I am not sure if he is actually seeking a new relationship or even if he may wish to get back with Taylor or not. All of that remains to be seen.

How do you feel about their tweets? It just seems like friendly tweets, nothing less or more. I think sometimes people jump to conclusions about stories like this one. Just because a boy and girl are friends, it doesn’t mean they are interested in becoming a couple. Plus Harry is planning to move to CA, so I am thinking that a relationship with Emma would be harder than ever if they were to become an item. I personally think he has a better chance at getting back with Taylor than dating Emma, if you ask me.

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