Dylan Riley Snyder Shares Disney XD Kickin It Cast Picture With Olivia Holt


The cast of Kickin’ It have returned on set to film their third season of the series and Dylan Riley Snyder decided to celebrate with his fans by showing a cast photo. He tweeted a photo of himself with Mateo Arias and Olivia Holt, both who are his co-stars on this hit series. In his message that he shared along with the photo, he dropped a line from Toy Story as a fun flash back for his fans who have watched the hit franchise their whole lives. While we have no word on when the series will return on TV with new episodes, we do know that this month they started production on their third season (which will likely be their second to last one). But to get back to the photo, here is what he wrote to go along with the photo.

How much do I love these guys? – to infinity and beyond! @olivia_holt @officialmateo KI3

It sounds like he is loving to be back on set with his co-stars. It sounded like they had a good time and he just was so happy to be back to work with his best friends. It is a shame that they will likely only have one more season after this one. I never understood that about Disney, but it seems to work for them and I suppose it allows them to bring on new stars. I just hope that they have a decent amount of episodes and not like a half season that we see more and more of as of late. As for the line, maybe he can have role in the 4th film? That seems like a good idea when you consider he hinted at loving it so much by using Buzz Lightyear’s quote.

How do you like the photo? I love it and I love that they are so close. It helps to make the series more believable by far when you see that the cast has a connection with each other. I know that means a lot to me and I am sure we all look for that kind chemistry when we see a TV show. After all, you want it to come across natural and not like bad acting, which these stars are far from ever doing luckily. Now if we can just get a made for TV movie before the series ends, we will be sitting pretty.

image & article source-Disney Dreaming

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