Disney Infinity Releases Official Trailer


We already told you all about Disney’s attempt to copy Skylanders with Disney Infinity. Now we get to see the official trailer for the upcoming multi-platform game. The game will allow players to play their favorite characters from classic Disney films, such as Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean and Nightmare Before Christmas. Once you chose your character, you will play in that world. One example: if you choose Buzz Lightyear, you will play in Toy Story world. The game will come out sometime this June with no official solid date set yet. You can catch the trailer down below.,

I am excited for this video game to come out. I am curious to see how good it turns out since I think we all can agree that it sounds like the perfect family option. Who doesn’t love a good selection of well known characters and their worlds, so it feels like the perfect mix of everything for Disney fans who are both adults and kids. Best of all, it will be an adventure game, which I think most of us can all agree that we love. Who doesn’t like to go exploring new lands and defending their homes. It just feels like a solid game for both hard core and light gamers. I really can’t wait much longer!

How do you like the trailer? Does the game sound like one that you will enjoy? It does for me, since those are the usual games that I gravitate to anyways. I don’t see why anyone would not like the game. It sounds like it will hold a lot of potential, which is good for Disney since they are still pretty new to the world of video games. Hopefully this one will pay off for them and maybe be just as successful as their Epic Mickey has been.

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