Demi Lovato & Timbaland Hint At New Song?


Demi Lovato and Timbaland worked together on her album Unbroken, but he is now hinting at a new single coming up. A fan reached out telling him their work on her last album was amazing. He agreed and then said he was finishing up on his half on another song, which he wasn’t too clear on. Demi confirmed that, but also remained hushed on what the song is. Of course, fans are happy and we don’t really care about what song it could be right now since so many are assuming it will be her next single. However, a little more info would be helpful for us who are curious. Here are the two tweets.


yea @L***L***Lov***o6 im goin 2 try and finish my part on that @ddlovato song so i can release it for all the #lovatic fans.


@Timbaland YES!!

I am so curious now! I wish they would drop more hints or if anyone else has any info, please share. It seems like they really like to work together and since it helped her last album, I could see why he would help her out again. But I got to say that he is big on remixes, etc, so I do wonder if this is even truly a new song? It would be so much easier if they addressed it, but I don’t think they will. At least we do know that she has been working on a new album and did release a song by the end of December like she promised she would. That does count for something in my book.

How do you feel about this news? Should Demi Lovato focus on making sure her next album is as top notch as Unbroken was? I think that she will, even if she does decided to take it to another level or sound. She is young and I like how she is trying to find a mix that is 100% her. I just wish that she would touch on rock roots a bit more, though. The whole pop and R&B sound is fun, but it is not what she is known for at all. However, I will say that no matter what direction she goes in next, I will still stand by her and her career since I do think she is a great person with a lot of soul.

article source-Demi Lovato & Timabland

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  1. Matthew

    January 4, 2013 at 1:20 am

    I think the song may be on Timbaland’s next album, Shock Value 3. But either way, I can’t wait fir her next album!!!!

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