Demi Lovato Teases X-Factor Return & Goes Glitter Galore


Demi Lovato has been having a blast online on Twitter again and recently shared two new photos with her beloved followers. One of them featured her baby sister, Madison De La Garza copying Demi by posing a not so impressed face besides a fake Simon Cowell.

Demi joked that he doesn’t even intimidate her younger sister! Then she went on to share a photo of what she called as an eventful day that left her arm covered in silver glitter while holding what appears to be a crutch. She wasn’t clear on why, but she seemed to make the most of itit
. Here are the two tweets that she wrote with the photos.

Needless to say, today was eventful. Hahahaha…@SimonCowell watch out Simon… You don’t intimidate my little sister either!!!

I love that Demi seems so happy in general and enjoys her life. I think that is so important since nobody else can make her enjoy life. I do have a feeling that the flitter had something to do with a possible photo shoot or maybe even a music video? Demi has been working long and hard on her next album, and with her upcoming world tour it would make sense to speed things a long a bit. After all, she would have nothing to promote without new music, so I would think that sort of puts the pressure on her. However, I do love her sense of humor about the glitter. I am sure that had to be a royal pain to remove, since nobody has a good time scrubbing off sticky glitter. As for the photo with, Maddie, I love that she is so close to Demi. They make a great team and I love how Maddie tries to look like her sister. It is cute and also shows that she has so much respect for Demi.

How do you like the tweets and photos? I love them, but then again I am a sucker for things like this. I am excited to find out one day what all that glitter was involved with. I am going to assume that we won’t have to wait for long before we find out. However, I will say that I do wonder if the tweet to Simon was an underhanded confirmation that Demi will be returning? I don’t see why else she would reach out to him unless those twp are still working together. Do you agree or do you think she was trying to send a playful warning to him about keeping her on?

images source-Demi Lovato via Twitter

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