Demi Lovato Malaysia Concert Confirmed?


Demi Lovato’s Malaysia concert seems to be confirmed! New details emerged about the free March 22 show. They just released what appears to be the poster for the show, which will also feature U-Kiss and other unlisted acts for the joint two day concert. As for what this will mean about the continuously hinted at world tour, that has yet to be confirmed. However, with this news being leaked out it will most likely not be far away. She has already hinted at a few places that she is fighting to see on tour, but those locations and rest of the tour still seems to be under wraps for the time being.

Wow, I am so proud of Demi Lovato! She is working so hard to make the most of her career and I love that she is already planning a huge tour. I just hope that she and her team make sure that she includes plenty of “me” time. I think that is such an important part for anyone, especially for someone who is in recovery like herself. She herself even said that she has to make more room for that, I just hope that she still feels like that so she can make sure that her own needs are taken care of. Nobody wants her to fail or fall back into her bad habits, but I will admit that I am not sure how conductive to healing is the music business. Hence why she claimed to consider to leave the industry for good.

How do you like this rumored news? It is great and exciting news for her fans in Malaysia. I just think that this will sadly put more pressure on them to hurry up and finish up her tour date booking so they can announce it. It seems like Asia might be a big stop for her world tour, but I do agree with Demi that Europe could use some of the love, as well as the likes of New Zealand and Australia. All of those counties have yet had a chance to experience Demi live and that is something that I think everyone around wants for each other. I am not sure what Hollywood Records is achieving by avoiding those places, but they must be gaining something beneficial for themselves by these decisions.

image & article source-Demi Lovato Malaysia

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