Demi Lovato – I Want To Tour New Zealand & Australia


Demi Lovato has been busy with recording her new album as of late, but she made time to be interviewed by a New Zealand radio station in which she talked about everything. From being bullied, to her body image to touring rest of the world. She sprinkled the interview with some true funny comments, but she also had a few good points to make during the interview as well. Such as touring New Zealand and Europe are on her wish list, but she points out that the booking of her tours are sadly outside of her control. You can find out what has been holding her back from those countries, as well as her new, healthier outlook on body image in the video down below.

I am glad that she is addressed the concern that her fans have over there. She is certainly not the first star who has shared that thought and I doubt she will be the last one to do that as well. I would think that their labels would learn at last, but I suppose they have deals with some of these other places that they do book. I know Hollywood Records is really bad about that, so it comes as no surprise here to know what trouble they are giving her over it. They are not exactly known for their kindness for their acts.

How do you like the interview with Demi Lovato? It was a decent one, but I do wish that it didn’t have to deal with how her label doesn’t listen to her. At least she had some other fun subjects to talk about, like her new album and a few funny comments. That helped to lift the mood of it by a little. It also seems like it was a good one that will slowly allow her to get her toes wet back in the field of interviews. It feels like she hasn’t done one in a while, and I am sure doing one before her future media blitz before her next album comes out.

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