Debby Ryan Dishes on 2013 Relationship & Music Plans


Debby Ryan is one lucky girl with her hit TV series, a production company and adoring fans who love her style. So it makes sense that so many think that she has big plans for 2013, which ClevverTV was determined to find out. Debby dishes on a third season of Jessie (yay!), style and her own production company. As for those of us wanting an album by Debby, she sadly says she doesn’t know if that will ever happen at this point. You can hear what made her say that and what she is planning to do this year beside working on her TV series, in the video down at the bottom of this article. Best of all, she also touches on the topic of boys and on what kind she is finally giving up on for good.

I am sad that she isn’t sure about releasing an album. She has a lot of talent and promise, plus with her TV show she has proven herself as a good singer. I mean I think Disney should at least sign her since she has shown herself as a musical force to be reckoned with. Or at least they could pull a Nickelodeon and release an album with some of her songs. I think they owe her that much for sharing her musical talent with them and maybe that would give her the push to record an album. She has the fan base, but I think she and the record labels need to be reminded just how big of a star she is on her own.

Are you bummed out by a lack of an album from her at least so far? I am, especially after she has pressed on the subject of music for so long. With the way Disney Channel is, I doubt she will see her series go past four seasons and she needs to find a new path before long. So I think music would be the perfect next step, but I suppose she is happy with where her acting career is taking her right now. We should show our support for that, even though we might want to sulk about a lack of an album from Debby.

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