Cher Lloyd Heads To BTR & Carly Rae Jepsen Heads To Disney


Big Time Rush is one of the last few Nickelodeon shows that have done well for the network and it looks like they are planning to keep it that way. They have just lined up Cher Lloyd to guest star on an upcoming spring episode in where James will be rumored to be dating her. Logan Henderson released a statement about the news and claimed that the band has been a fan of hers since she first appeared on the UK The X-Factor. Here is what Logan had to say about the news.

We have been a huge fan of Cher Lloyd’s work since X-Factor. We are so excited to have her guest starring on BTR. She has a charming, sweet, and funny personality, which is a perfect fit for our show

It sounds like they are excited for her to come on, but she certainly is not the only pop star heading to the small screen this year! Disney Channel’s Shake It Up is going to have Carly Rae Jepsen come on to sing “Sweetie” for a February episode. This news has just been confirmed as well, which will also mark Carly’s second or third TV show appearance since coming out onto the scene last year. No word on why either stars were picked, but does remind us that both stars have a strong fan base here in the US still. Currently both singers have been making rounds for US promotion.

How do you like this news? Should both be given as much media attention like they are currently? I do, but I will admit that I am more of a fan of Cher than Carly. However, with that being said it is nice that they both get to be on some big US TV series. Who doesn’t want to see them make something of themselves and get more attention from future fans via the guest spots? I would think that most stars would want that for themselves, so it is a big deal for both. I just hope that both Carly and Cher get the same amount of hype for their guest spots.

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