Bella Thorne Shows Off Favorite Flats


Bella Thorne has decided to show of the outfit of the day on her official website, since she is clearly enjoying the fashion world online. She brags about her favorite pair of flats, which appear to be feline themed. She has come to the conclusion to share her fashion tips for her fans.

She even came up with low cost alternatives to show fans that they can dress similarly to her. Her first Outfit of the Day post was about what she wore at the event last week. She hints that she was inspired by France, as you can read on his official website. Here is what she had to say on Twitter about her favorite pair of shoes.

Wearing my new favorite shoes! xo

She did pick out a pair of super cute flats. Yes, they could be considered a tiny bit childish, but they are fun. I like how she wore them in an edgy causal outfit, much like how they should be worn. I could see these taking off among schools around the world since they are casual, as well as chic. Best of all, the dark color allows for the pair to be worn in many styles, except for maybe fancy events such as the Academy Awards. But I doubt she nor any of her fans would wear a pair of shoes like that to an award show anyways.

How do you like her new project? I think it is nice, since you consider the fact that she really wants to give her fans some fashion advice. I think that it won’t be too long until she releases her own fashion line since it is a passion of hers. Just look at her best friend, Zendaya Coleman already helps out her own brother’s line-so I think the influence is already there for her. All she needs us to be given is a chance to design one and she would leap towards it if given the chance to do such. Do you agree or do you think she isn’t ready for her own fashion line yet?

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