Bella Thorne Hangs Out with Zendaya Coleman & Caroline Sunshine


Bella Thorne might not be like most teens with her daily to do things, but she still loves hanging with her gal pals. Luckily some of her best gal pals happen to be her own co-stars Caroline Sunshine and Zendaya Coleman, which she decided to share a photo of their day off together. As you can see, all 3 hung out and acted like regular high school aged teens. Too bad we don’t know what they were doing exactly, but at least we get to see that these 3 are just as good friends as every one has hoped that they are. As for what Bella had to say about her fun time with her favorite pair of girls, here is what she shared with her Instagram followers.

Just hangin with these girls:)

I am so glad that they are good friends and had a lot of fun together. Hopefully we will get to see more of this since we as fans do enjoy knowing that they are good friends in real life. Granted, it would be hard not to since they do spend so much of their time together. When you are stuck together for weeks on end out of a year, you are bound to bond-hence why so many kids make friends at school. I assume working on a set would be no different, especially since they also are likely tutored together as well. However, with that being said I do wish that they sort of hinted at this friendship before since they should know their fans would adore that.

How do you like this photo? I love it and I am so glad that Caroline is close to her and Zendaya. We haven’t ever seen those 3 together before like hanging out, so it seems like a nice surprise since we had no clue. Heck, maybe they can even offer a girls day in kind of advice? It looks like they were have a blast and I know that other girls would love some advice on how to party like a Disney star. Plus it would be an excuse for all 3 to hang out again and give advice on what makes them happily have a random girl time with each other.

image source-Bella Thorne via Instagram article source-Teen InfoNet

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