Austin Mahone Friends with Rebecca Black?


It appears that Austin Mahone is a fan of “it’s Friday…Friday…Friday” singer, Rebecca Black. Yes, he tweeted a photo of himself hanging out with an old friend, the former viral star for cult pseudo-hit “Friday”- Rebecca Black. He is currently filming his newest music video for “Say You’re Just A Friend” when he ran into her. He happily announced to his fans that he is a good friend of hers, which might be surprising to some since many took on hating the poor teen and her obnoxious catchy song. Luckily, he took a smiling photo with her and gave her a big social media shout out to remind everyone whom this likely girl is. Here is what he had to say about their encounter.

Saw an old friend msrebeccablack (:

Luckily, she returned the needless favor as a polite star would do with this tweet.

so great seeing you again! @AustinMahone.

The unlikely duo certainly will send a shock around the world, but maybe he can give her a needed career boost. It seems like ever since she released the second song and proved that she has talent, the world got bored with her. Man, it has to be tough for any teen to come out in this fickle industry, but to especially be given death threats and restlessly hated on has to be even twice as worse. Luckily she seems to be okay now, but needless to say I can see why she sort has backed down from the scene for a while. Her and her family’s safety should always come first while she prepares for a better return to prove all of her critics wrong.

Did you know that Austin was friends with Rebecca? Nope, but I don’t think any of us should be all that shocked. Most web stars do stick together, so it makes sense that they would know each other to a degree. I just didn’t think that they would be this close at all. Like I stated before, it would be amazing if he could give her a guest spot on his album. I am sure that she would always feel indebted to him and maybe this proper music introduction could be what she needs to refresh her career in a much better light.

image source-Austin Mahone via Twitter article source-Popstar

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